'Pretty Mess'

Pretty Mess is a feel-good, self-love, anti-racism song for everyone who’s felt limited by the categories some people make you tick. And as you struggle to fit into one of their ‘boxes, you can start to feel lost. Personally, growing up as ‘that mixed girl’ in South-East Asia, I struggled to find my identity. I finally learned that instead of trying to fit myself into ‘one box’, I could love this Pretty ‘Mess’ and embrace the world as my foundation.
This song celebrates this mixed up world and all its beautiful people, the one where you and I live in today.



Fly is about finally taking that uncertain leap to let live and be free with whatever you have and are in that moment.

It’s about not waiting any longer for that something better to happen. It's the moment you realise you've nothing to lose in saying goodbye to holding back the old you. And you do this at your own pace.

No rules, no scoreboards; just one thing, with love.

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"I don’t know what life will bring. All I have is this dream to cling"

Sally Ann

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