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SallyAnn - MixMatched (Side A)
SallyAnn - MixMatched (Side B)

New Albums

SAL-MixMatched-Side A (FIN).jpg

Side A

A nomad traveled long and found the years in gathered songs.


Twisted all tears into a rhapsody in her soul and sang’… Mixmatched (Side A) is a unique musical adventure of 6 alternative songs about innocence lost, fatale revenge, toxic love, life’s worth, happiness’ truth and every lil puzzle that makes us the imperfectly perfect people we are today.

SAL-MixMatched-Side B (FIN).jpg

Side B

‘Now you’re free dear, you belong here.’


Side B of the album is a circle back to finding peace within yourself. 5 eclectic songs influenced by musical theater about feeling ostracized, fighting with one’s demons, medicating depression,
a swashbuckling father-daughter story and letting life take its place.

Wavy Abstract Background


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